I Don’t Believe In Winter

Last winter everyone assured me that snow and cold was on the way. Yet my winter boots were never taken out of the box they came in.

I realize that southern Germany is not as cold as the north, but I was told it was just a matter of time until the big storm came. When I expressed doubt I was told I would see when the winter weather hit.IMG_20190101_1623391

So here we are in 2019. The was no really cold weather in 2018, and only an overnight dusting of snow one day last February that melted away before noon. Maybe it is climate change, or maybe local people here don’t know what winter looks like. I’m thinking the latter.

As I walk through Sulzburg I have noted that some houses have driveways leading to them that no Canadian homeowner would ever build. Not if you wanted to use your vehicle in winter.IMG_20181230_1610541

On some the driveways lead up to the house, others slant down. What they have in common is an angle that to me says hazard at best, maybe even impossible in winter weather. When the grade is 45 degrees I would think walking up the hill in good weather would be a challenge. With ice or snow it just wouldn’t happen. Therefore I think it is safe to say that it doesn’t happen – ice and snow around here is more myth than reality.

My pictures today were taken in haste and don’t really capture the steepness of the driveway. But they give you enough of an idea. Note the steps because it is too steep for walking. Then imagine what it would be like after freezing rain. You might get a car up that hill, but there would be no way to control it at the top, and you would probably hit another vehicle or even the house on the other side of the street.IMG_20181230_1610374

No, I don’t believe there is winter in Sulzburg. At least not as Canadians define it.

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  1. Neil Abramson · · Reply

    You should see the driveways in West Vancouver, above the snowline at higher elevations, before passing judgment. We lived in British Properties for 11 years, had snow every year, and had to park at the top of the driveway keeping only a narrow pathway down with shovel and salt daily. The angle was about 40 degrees and not nearly the worst. Some twist as well. Here global warming seems to result in bigger storms with more torrential rain and, some years, more snow. Perhaps you are just living a temporarily charmed life.

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