Sunnier Days


It has been gray in Sulzburg recently. Very little sunshine. It seems like we get 10 minutes in the morning and that is it for the day.

Sulzburg sits in a valley. If I walk to a neighbouring town, a couple of kilometres or so, there is usually sunshine, though there’s no guarantee. At least this year it isn’t as depressing as last year.

In 2018, in our first winter here, the gloom descended in December, and we wondered if it would ever end. This year we know it will, even though there are still a few, all right, many, gray weeks ahead.

Not having one of those sun lamps some people use, I thought perhaps pictures taken on a sunny July day in Basel would cheer everyone up. These shots of the Rhine River were taken from the terrace of the Basel Munster (pictures of that will have to wait for another day).



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