Today’s Bargains

I held off on posting this until I had been to the Flohmarkt (flea market) being held today in Sulzburg’s market square.

Flea markets don’t hold much appeal to me, but it is tough to resist one that is a minute’s walk from my door.

Not that there is anything that I need or want to be found at such events. An electric guitar is on my wish list, but I wasn’t expecting to find one. Surprise, there it was, with amplifier. I don’t really need one though, as my wife reminded me when I sent her the picture. Maybe at the end of the day… but the price would have to be about 20% of the original ask. What I need is another putter for when we play mini golf – but there wasn’t one.

The only reaIMG_20180512_1025087son I went to see what was on there (aside from the fact there’s not much else to do here) was because I thought there might be something you might like.

So I took some photos of the stuff that was on sale. It was all still available when I posted this, though it might be gone by the time you read it.

If you see something you like, shoot me off an email (or leave a comment) and tell me what you want and your top price for it. I’ll head back over and get it for you. Oh, and there was lots more I didn’t take pictures of – you can always just let me know what you are looking for.

After all, what else am I going to do on a Saturday in Sulzburg?

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