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What Market?

When it rains…no-one shows up. The Spring Flomarkt, or flea market if you prefer English, took place in the Sulzburg market square yesterday. Or a pale imitation of it. This is usually a big event. But the weather played havoc with the attendance.  I had hoped for some bargains; instead I was underwhelmed. I was […]

More Fleas

Another Flohmarkt (flea market) is being held today in Sulzburg. As I post this, it has about five hours left to run.  We just had one about a month ago, and I have a story to tell from that one, I think on Monday.  It’s not something I have been putting off but rather something […]

Today’s Bargains

I held off on posting this until I had been to the Flohmarkt (flea market) being held today in Sulzburg’s market square. Flea markets don’t hold much appeal to me, but it is tough to resist one that is a minute’s walk from my door. Not that there is anything that I need or want […]