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Democracy In Action – Your Turn

Today is an important day for Canadian democracy, though my guess is most people in Canada are unaware of it. Not surprising given the usual level of political awareness and engagement. In a presidential system the leader of the country is elected directly by the people. In the Westminster parliamentary tradition the Prime Minister is […]

Is It Over?

  I did the unthinkable. I’m a political junkie, but I watched not a minute of Donald Trump’s impeachment trial, Nor have I read any news articles on it, though I have seen the headlines. It seemed like such a pointless procedure that I couldn’t be bothered. Given that the outcome was pre-ordained, I didn’t […]

Building A Better Cabinet

On November 4, 2015 I posted my thoughts on the process involved in cabinet building – the political kind as opposed to home renovations. Today once again the Prime Minister is set to unveil his new cabinet, which makes that four-year-old post relevant. I had concerns the first time around that turned out to be […]

Sharing The Wisdom

I wish I had written today’s post. It captures so much of how I feel about the state of politics these days. It has an American flavor, but applies equally to Canada. I don’t know when I first subscribed to Breakpoint, which started as a daily commentary from Chuck Colson. I occasionally save a post […]

Decision Day

Canadians will hold their collective nose today and vote in the federal election for the candidate of their choice. Or maybe they will vote against a candidate not of their choice. The 2019 election has failed to inspire. The leaders have not looked impressive. The party platforms have not seemed realistic. Yet there are clear […]

A Nation Regrets

Last week Canadians watch those who would be Prime Minister debate the issues live on national television. There really wasn’t much debate. The consensus of the people I talked with afterward was that it was more a recitation of talking points mixed with personal attacks. None of the leaders really came across as leaders. Is […]

Does Character Matter?

We turn from Wednesday’s look at the US presidential election to the ongoing Canadian federal campaign. With voting day now less than three weeks away, what are the issues that will have an impact on the results? If we want good government, it would make sense to elect good people. From that you would think […]