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A Home For Rodents

I have, as I think I have mentioned, spent a lot of time working and volunteering in the political realm. That means I have met a lot of politicians. Most of those I have liked as people, even if I disagreed with their policies. If they weren’t likeable, at least in small doses, they wouldn’t […]

A Blind Eye To Corruption

The Premier of Ontario is in court today. Kathleen Wynne should be embarrassed by that. But she probably isn’t. Wynne is a witness in what essentially is a corruption trial involving her political party. It is alleged that inducements were offered to a potential candidate to stand aside so that the party’s preferred nominee could […]

Into The Sunset

Yesterday’s post was a milestone, and I didn’t realize it at the time. It was my 1,000th post in this space. I just thought it was worth mentioning, given that today’s post is about another milestone. Today is my last day on Parliament Hill. After 10 years of working at the heart of our democracy, […]

Cult of Personality

Canada’s diplomats have received their orders: no more selfies with the Prime Minister. It is not that  foreign service officers have been flocking to have their photo taken with the man dubbed “Prime Minister Selfie;” it is that some of our diplomatic missions have purchased life-sized cardboard cutouts of the PM that are being used […]

The Verdict – II

I was right. In a decision that took 4 ½ hours for the judge to summarize (it is 308 pages after all), Mike Duffy was found not guilty on all counts. No misuse of funds, no accepting a bribe, no breach of trust. Thirty-one charges, 31 charges dismissed. As I said yesterday, I fully expected […]

The Verdict

Today is the day Senator Mike Duffy learns his fate. I have avoided commenting on his criminal proceedings for the past year, but want to get my prediction on the record. The case has held Canadians’ attention since the trial started more than a year ago. Even before that, when the scandal broke surrounding Duffy’s […]

Moral Blindness

O tempora, o mores! (Oh what times! Oh what customs! – Cicero, 63 B.C. Once upon a time there were no rules when it came to politicians and fundraising. As the saying went, the definition of an honest politician was: “one who stays bought.” We have higher standards today. Or do we? There has been […]