American Amateur Hour

Somehow it seems appropriate that he made the announcement on Twitter. Rapper Kanye West says he is running for president of the US.

I can’t take this seriously. Given the way the American electoral system is set up, his chances of even being on the ballot are slim.

He has no experience, but that didn’t stop Donald Trump. He also has no organization, which makes a serious presidential bid a little more problematic.

Still, the man has a flair for publicity. Smart to announce his candidacy on Twitter during a holiday weekend in the US. A slow news period allows him more exposure.

This is not the first time Kanye has talked about running for president. Actually, it seems like every American celebrity muses about the job at one point. Which leaves me wondering.

Kanye, presumably, wouldn’t hire a guitarist for his band who had never played guitar before. As a professional, he knows his sound will be best served by a professional musician.

So why does he think (if he is indeed serious) that as a talented amateur he has the skills to tackle one of the toughest jobs in the world? He knows enough not to tackle brain surgery. (At least I think he does.)

After almost four years in office, it can be argued that Donald Trump still as no idea what the job entails. I realize Kanye is the longest of long shots, but can the United States afford even the idea of letting another amateur take over the country?

What is it about the top job that attracts so many unqualified applicants? It can’t be the money – both Trump and West make far more as entertainers than they can as a politician.

Maybe it is about power. Or influence. Or to make sure their name is in the history books. (How do you spell ‘ego?’)

America is a land of equal opportunity. Children are told that anyone can grow up to become president.

That’s true. The unspoken question seems to be whether that is really a good idea. Perhaps it would be better to tell the children that if they want to be president when they are older they should do something to prepare. That way they might do a good job.

Can you think of anyone who might have benefited from such advice?

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