Doing Politics Right

After seeing this commercial, I’d vote for these guys. No idea how I’d make the choice since they are running against each other. Probably base it on policies.

Politics seems to be broken these days, like so much else in society. In their quest for personal victory, many politicians trample the truth, decency and the common good.

That’s what makes Chris Peterson and Spencer Cox so different. Judging from this ad, they understand that politics should be about ideas and not just personalities. They suggest we can discuss conflicting ideas without demonizing the person holding them.

I’m hoping that maybe this is a new beginning for American politics, one that might spread. Maybe I’m too hopeful – it is hard to change a culture that has sunk so low. But I’m naturally an optimist.

I don’t know if opposing candidates have ever appeared together in an American campaign ad before. I suspect not. And I suspect the move has disturbed many in both party hierarchies. You just don’t say nice things about your opponent these days.

Why shouldn’t you though? I have met hundreds of elected officials. I didn’t agree with all of them on policy. I didn’t like all of them as people (including some in parties I supported). But the overwhelming impression was that they entered politics to serve people, to make a difference, to make society a better place.

Not all are successful in that quest. Some just can’t get enough people to agree with their ideas. Others get seduced by power or lose their focus. Still, there are some politicians who don’t compromise their beliefs, who manage to make life better for all of us. Sadly, they seem to be a minority.

Which may be why I found this ad so encouraging. Civility between political opponents is something we need more of. It’s a good place to start.

I haven’t looked at the polls or the issues – I don’t live in Utah so the outcome of this race doesn’t affect me. I do think the voters there are lucky to have this choice.

It is sad that one of these men is going to lose the election on November 3, but that is just the way politics works. There are always winners and losers.

I wonder though if this is the beginning of a movement to return civility to American political life. Perhaps one, or both men, will run for President in 2024.

I’d like to see that.


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