Dangerously Beautiful

I was walking by my neighbor’s place when I noticed the icicles growing from the roof, down past the second floor windows. That makes them close to two metres (six feet) long. They look pretty, don’t they?

If you think about it, they are also hazardous. One really sunny day and a little more melting, and they could come crashing down. If anyone happened to be underneath at the time, coming or going form the house, the impact would probably be fatal.

Seeing them, I immediately looked back at my house. No icicles. I think that may be because I paid for some extra attic insulation a few years ago. I deduce my roof isn’t experiencing the heat loss that makes icicles form. At least I think that’s what is causing them.

By the time you read this, they will probably be gone. There was a work crew on site Monday shoveling snow off roofs and dealing with the icicle issue.

Pretty while they lasted though.

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  1. Neil Remington Abramson · · Reply

    London, ON, has icicles to die for. Years ago, attending grad school at Western, I had a prof whose icicle from his garage went straight through the roof of his car. An old man, a year from retirement, he solved the problem permanently by retiring to San Diego.

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