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They’ve started to unveil the ice sculptures on Sparks Street, part of Winterlude, Ottawa’s winter carnival, which starts Friday. It’s a competition, with the public getting to choose the winner. You can vote if you like.

So far this has been Ottawa’s third-warmest winter on record, but just because the Rideau canal is still closed to skaters doesn’t mean you can’t have a party. Though they did cancel the Ice Dragon Boat Festival. Given the cold temperatures forecast this week, the canal may be open in time for the weekend kickoff, but the Dragon Boat people needed more certainty. Not to mention that the boats are heavier than skaters..

Not all of the ice carving sculptures on Sparks Street have been revealed yet, so I’m not ready to cast my vote. Also, it was snowing Monday afternoon, and I want to see how the sculptures look in the sunshine with the snow brushed off. I only looked at these ones because I was walking down Sparks anyway.

I haven’t taken in many of the Winterlude activities in the past couple of decades. When my children were younger we would make sure we went skating or tobogganing and to see the ice and snow sculptures.

Plus there were frequently concerts I wanted to attend. It’s a Canadian thing -outdoor rock concerts at minus twenty. Even with heaters on stage it is tough for guitarists (and I suppose other instrumentalists) to play well. Audiences tended to use alcohol as antifreeze at those shows.

I wonder what this one is. A maple leaf perhaps?

Winterlude runs from February 3-20 this year. If you are in the area, drop by. It will be fun.

Feel free to cast your vote


  1. Philip Allan · · Reply

    I cast my vote for the great stew cook-off. Hope to be able to make it, even though it will be cold this year.

  2. Keep us informed. It looks delightful!

    1. I’ll try and remember to drop by next week when all the sculptures should be on display.

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