Changing Science

I don’t remember where I found this one. Twitter probably. I thought it was funny.

I’m actually rather sympathetic towards the World Heath Organization and the COVID-19 pandemic. Yes, mistakes were made, but I doubt they were deliberate. You could make a strong case that they did the best they could under the circumstances – and if that wasn’t good enough, then we just need to learn to be better.

It was a new virus, one that has mutated several times and what was true in January may have changed by June. I think I am smart enoughg to understand that wasn’t the WHO’s fault. Some of their pronouncements that seem silly now didn'[t look that way at the time.

I have less sympathy for politicians who politicized a public health situation and tried to milk it for political gain. Hopefully the voters will realize the attempt to manipulate and respond accordingly at the polls.

What made me laugh with this image is that the last statement has a ring of truth to it. But does it really? I think most religious authorities would agree that we are all going to die.

But Heaven? That comes down more to a matter of choice, of your relationship to God. Have you thought about that lately?

Isn’t it about time you did? If we have learned one thing from this pandemic it is that life is fragile and the end can come unexpectedly. Some self-examination might be necessary. Just in case.


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