A Great Deal?

A few weeks back I told you about the German oil crisis and the shortage of cooking oil. Several restaurants i visited in May had dropped items like French Fries from their menu becasue cooking oil had gotten too pricy – if they could get any.

Now a news report tells us of a German brew pub that is offering to trade beer for cooking oil, litre for litre.

Given the retail cost of beer, the pub is coming out ahead on the deal, but there are those people who may have stocked up on sunflower oil earlier this year who are taking advantage of the offer. The price differential isn’t that big.

In Canada, where cooking oil is still cheaper than in Europe, and beer twice as expensive in the pubs, this would be a great deal. I doubt we’ll see our local restaurants folllowing suit.

It is also great marketing for a brew pub that was probably known in its community but not much beyond that. Now it has received worldwide publicity.

I wonder if that will help sales any? I must also confess I am curious as to how good the schnitzel is that they are cooking in the oil they traded the beer for. Maybe the next time I am in Munich…


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  1. Nice post.

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