Government Logic

In order to slow down the spread of COVID-19 the Government of Canada has introduced measures restricting travel, including a manadatory 14-day home quarantine for those entering the country. The civil rights violations are before the courts, as many feel government has overstepped its authority.

I’m supportive of necessary measures to preserve public health during the pandemic. But I must admit the logic of some of them baffles me.

Travelers require a PCR test before flying. Okay, I can understand why.

Then they require another PCR test on arrival in Canada, which can only be at one of four airports. (Unless you are an NHL hockey player or the Prime Minister. The rules don’t apply to them.)

I guess the thought is you might have contracted COVID while on the plane. That s despite the fact that everyone on the plane had to have negative tests results before flying. Except maybe the crew of course – and they don’t have to quarantine either.

For travelers there is a mandatory 14-day quarantine, starting in a hotel and ending at home. On the eighth day you must take another PCR test, under online supervision from a nurse.

Results from that test can come back in a day or two, or perhaps longer – but the time is irrelevant. Because if you get your test results on day nine, ten or whatever, you must still remain in quarantine. You may not leave before your fourteen days are up, despite three negative tests in a 10-day period.

There is, of course, no scientific reason for that. You are not gong to contract COVID while in quarantine. You’ve had the negative test and are not in contact with anyone. There are no further tests anyway. This government claims to be science-driven during the pandemic, but there is no science or logic to its actions. Why shouldn’t quarantine end with the negative test?

The rationale would seem to be that the Prime Minister wants to punish those who traveled. Why else would he ignore the science?


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