Are You Surpised?

I should be outraged, but I am not. This is the sort of political hypocrisy I have come to expect from this Prime Minister. Heaven forbid he should even try and walk his talk. Rules are for lesser mortals, not for him.

Justin Trudeau is going to attend the G7 Summit starting Friday in Cornwall, England. Despite telling Canadians that now is not the time to travel, he is heading off to the meeting.

There is no technical reason why he couldn’t attend virtually, but like all of us he wants to travel again. Unlike the rest of us, he makes the rules and can ignore them if he likes.

For more than a year he has been telling Canadians the pandemic is a serious problem. “Now is not the time to travel.” The borders remain closed – but he is going to spend the weekend in the UK. Is there a disconnect there?

Those who dare to travel despite his assertions find themselves illegally detained and harassed by the government. This with no scientific evidence that travel increases the risk or spread of COVID-19.

Air travelers must spend time in a quarantine hotel on return to the country, and even Justin Trudeau will do that. Except he won’t do so like an ordinary traveler. Heaven forbid he should find out what his rules mean to the average Canadian.

Trudeau will fly direct to Ottawa, despite Ottawa not being one of the four government-approved airports for international flights. He will quarantine at an Ottawa hotel of his choice, not the government-mandated facility all other Canadians must use. I suspect his amenities will be significantly nicer than what others have had.

I also suspect the taxpayers will be required to pick up the hotel tab, whereas other travelers are expected to pay for it themselves.

You could argue that as Prime Minister he is entitled to special treatment. Except Trudeau himself has in the past said he does not want that. He didn’t get vaccinated early against COVID-19, making a big deal out of waiting until shots were being given to his age group.

Apparently he is opposed to special treatment only when it is convenient. Rules are for other people, not for Justin Trudeau.

Given his track record, I am not in the least bit surprised. Are you?


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