Religious Freedom – But Only For Some

In Algeria on Sunday the government, deciding the pandemic risks are somewhat lessened, issued an order allowing mosques to re-open. Conspicuously absent was any mention of other religions.

Churches must remain closed. But restaurants can re-open.

Algeria has ratified the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, guaranteeing the right to freedom of religion, including the right to hold a religion of one’s choice and the right to manifest that religion. Keeping churches closed would seem to be a violation of that covenant.

Apparently those who worship food can congregate. Those who worship God cannot.

I wonder what they are afraid of?



  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    Thank you for helping us be aware of the unfair treatment of marginalized christian communities and the denial of their essential human rights. However, the comment at the end characterizing Catholics as worshipping food is an inaccurate, unnecessary, and disrespectful. Perhaps consider not offending those who might otherwise more readily support you.

    1. I was referring to restaurants being allowed to open. I’m not sure what you are referring to with your reference to Catholics. My understanding is all churches remain closed..

      1. Anonymous · ·

        “And although COVID-19 restrictions have been removed for mosques and some foreign-populated Catholic churches, no Protestant congregations have been permitted to open.” – Christianity Today Feb. 22.

        I thought you were juxtaposing open catholic churches to closed protestant churches by saying those who worship food (eucharistic) vx. those who worship God. If you meant to juxtapose restaraunts vs. christians, I could see that, however it might be more clearly stated those who worship mammon, rather than God.

      2. I understand now how you jumped to your conclusion – but it would never have occurred to me to think that Roman Catholics worshipped food. They aren’t the only church to celebrate the eucharist.

  2. Maybe the Christians caused CoVid? 😉

    1. You say that in jest – but it is the sort of claim made in the region.

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