Thoughts For Monday

I thought I should say something inspiring to start the work week – and this is what Google suggested. I figure computers rule our lives anyway, so I went with it.

Not that I endorse its message completely. It seems somewhat dated.

I agree we should focus on what is important, though it would help more of there was consensus on what important looks like. That all too often has been the problem this past year – our leaders (and we ourselves if we are willing to admit it) have all too often seemed unable to figure out what is important.

We are focused, but not always on what should be the highest priority. Or maybe there are too many conflicting priorities for us to properly focus.

Capturing the good times is a nice idea – but for too many people these days “good times” seem like a distant memory. Which is sad. Even in a world turned upside down by a global pandemic, there are still things that are good, still events we should celebrate. But we do need to remember to focus.

As far as developing from the negatives, I appreciate the idea, even if the wording is a little outdated. Who these days has a camera that uses film, and thus produces negatives? I guess this is an older saying, even if I hadn’t seen it before.

What isn’t stated, and perhaps needs to be in this digital age, is that the development implied here is a positive thing. There are many experiences in life that contribute to our development. Who you are as a person influences how you respond to those experiences.

It is quite possible that experiences that should be positive (winning a major award for example) can have unintended negative effects (thinking the award makes you better than others). We have to watch our reaction to any experience and see how that contributes to our development.

Taking another shot if things don’t work out does sound ideal. It also sounds idealistic. Depending on the person or situation, it just might not be possible, or advisable.

So no, I don’t really believe life is like a camera. Or a bowl of cherries. Or even, like Forrest Gump, a box of chocolates.

But at least the picture gave me something to think about.


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