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Religious Freedom – But Only For Some

In Algeria on Sunday the government, deciding the pandemic risks are somewhat lessened, issued an order allowing mosques to re-open. Conspicuously absent was any mention of other religions. Churches must remain closed. But restaurants can re-open. Algeria has ratified the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, guaranteeing the right to freedom of religion, including […]

Buyukada Orphanage

I was reading a news report about the possible re-opening of Halki Seminary in Istanbul, which was shuttered by the Turkish government almost 40 years ago, leaving Turkey’s Orthodox church without a seminary to train its priests, when I remembered this post I did four years ago about another Orthodox institution on a neighboring island. […]

The Guards’ Chapel – I

I am always uneasy at the relationship between church and state, especially when they become intertwined. Jesus said we should give the state the respect it deserved. Paul, a little later, urged Christians to pray for those in authority, which seems like a really good idea these days. No matter which country you are in, […]

Buyukada Orphanage

I wrote about visiting one of the Princes Islands in Istanbul, and my interest in the abandoned building at the top of the hill. I recently discovered there is more to the story of that abandoned orphanage than what I learned on the trip. It has fairly recently been part of an important court case. […]