Christmas Decorations

I hadn’t realized how much I missed being in Sulzburg last December until I saw the Christmas decorations going up in the market square. Sulzburg is beautiful at Christmas.

European towns make Christmas a big deal. There may not be much faith left on the continent, but the traditions remain. Even in 2020, when so much else is different, Christmas is still coming.

There’s no Christmas Market this year, in Sulzburg or anywhere else in Europe. Who would have thought that back in March when the first COVID-19 cases were being recorded on the continent? We all thought it would be over and done with by summer. And maybe it will, by Christmas 2022.

As a small place Sulzburg doesn’t do much in the way of decorations, but what it does each year looks good. There’s a giant tree in the market square, which will in the Spring become a Maypole.

The tree went up at the end of November this year. When we left for vacation they still hadn’t added the lights. 

Lights are white only of course. The colored ones so popular in North America are a rarity in Germany. The white ones are more candle-like I guess, reflecting the tradition of an earlier age.

There’s a sled and reindeer (which I saw being delivered), candles, presents and some carvings. And lights of course, which I am sure are blazing every evening by now. No snow though – this is southern Germany.

There are decorations in Canada of course, and I have seen a few of them this year. There’s an annual light show on Parliament Hill that I may take in at some point – though these days you can probably just watch it online.

Sulzsburg’s presentation though is reflective of the town and the area. Village quaint as opposed to big city flash.

I’m enjoying being back in Canada for the season, but part of me is going to miss Germany. One of these days I’ll figure out how to be in two places at once. Until then, these photos will have to do.


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