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It is our second Christmas in Germany, and I can’t decide if I prefer the simple white lights used as Christmas decorations here, or the multi-colored ones of North America. I think the white ones are a remnant from the days of wax candles – you didn’t have the options electricity gives. The displays here […]

A Christmas Tradition

There are some Canadian Christmas traditions I don’t miss. Living in Germany means I don’t have to deal with my daughter’s cat and the Christmas tree. With her busy schedule and mum and dad not home, I thought she might not bother putting the tree up this year. I guess she decided she couldn’t disappoint […]


  Sometimes things don’t make sense. I realize though that just because something seems senseless to me, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a good reason. I’m still very much a stranger in a strange land here. When Epiphany came I expected the Christmas tree in Sulzburg’s town square to come down. For some reason it […]

Christmas Is Really Over

Went for a short walk yesterday and noticed it was Christmas tree pickup day. I guess that, not Epiphany, signifies the real end to the Christmas season. In Ottawa disposing of a Christmas tree is a casual affair. Yard trimmings are accepted every week (unlike garbage which is collected every second week). In Sulzburg, if […]

Christmas Is Coming!

Hard to believe it is a week from today. With no snow on the ground here it doesn’t feel like December yet. Certainly though, there are enough decorations and holiday festivities to get me in the mood. The main square in Sulzburg was decorated with a tree a couple of weeks ago, plus a sleigh […]

Advent 2017

It is that time of year again. Time to put op the tree and decorations in anticipation of Christmas. We won’t have a Christmas tree this year, I don’t think. I am sure i could go into the Black Forest and cut one down (though that is probably illegal), but then I would have to […]

Christmas Tree Decorations

You wouldn’t believe my day yesterday. Or maybe you would. Anyway, I didn’t have a chance to finish the post I had planned for today. It is the first day of winter after all. So instead I’m repeating the most popular post of last year’s Christmas season. I still immensely dislike this cat, but at […]