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What Is Missing?

It is the first Sunday of Advent, which is when our family usually puts up the Chruistmas tree. We jumped the gun a little this year since we had a busy Sunday scheduled and did it a day early. Our routine is that I put the tree together and the rest of the family decorates. […]

Mobile Phone Blues

Walking through the Black Forest late Monday afternoon between the villages of Muggart and Laufen I realized my phone just doesn’t do what I want it to. An upgrade would seem to be required – but the feature I feel is missing is probably decades away. It isn’t the quality of the camera, as you […]

Christmas Decorations

I hadn’t realized how much I missed being in Sulzburg last December until I saw the Christmas decorations going up in the market square. Sulzburg is beautiful at Christmas. European towns make Christmas a big deal. There may not be much faith left on the continent, but the traditions remain. Even in 2020, when so […]

Christmas Passed

There were things I missed by being in Canada last month, especially the Christmas tree in Sulzburg’s town square. For me it is a highlight of the season. The tree is still there, but the lights have been removed. Soon it will be taken down and most of the branches stripped from it, Then it […]

The Countdown Begins

Across the world today Christians are observing the first Sunday of Advent. It is a time of celebration leading to the biggest birthday party of the year. When I was a child we didn’t really observe Advent, it wasn’t part of our church tradition. The exception was the advent calendar we children received on December […]


It is our second Christmas in Germany, and I can’t decide if I prefer the simple white lights used as Christmas decorations here, or the multi-colored ones of North America. I think the white ones are a remnant from the days of wax candles – you didn’t have the options electricity gives. The displays here […]

A Christmas Tradition

There are some Canadian Christmas traditions I don’t miss. Living in Germany means I don’t have to deal with my daughter’s cat and the Christmas tree. With her busy schedule and mum and dad not home, I thought she might not bother putting the tree up this year. I guess she decided she couldn’t disappoint […]


  Sometimes things don’t make sense. I realize though that just because something seems senseless to me, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a good reason. I’m still very much a stranger in a strange land here. When Epiphany came I expected the Christmas tree in Sulzburg’s town square to come down. For some reason it […]

Christmas Is Really Over

Went for a short walk yesterday and noticed it was Christmas tree pickup day. I guess that, not Epiphany, signifies the real end to the Christmas season. In Ottawa disposing of a Christmas tree is a casual affair. Yard trimmings are accepted every week (unlike garbage which is collected every second week). In Sulzburg, if […]

Christmas Is Coming!

Hard to believe it is a week from today. With no snow on the ground here it doesn’t feel like December yet. Certainly though, there are enough decorations and holiday festivities to get me in the mood. The main square in Sulzburg was decorated with a tree a couple of weeks ago, plus a sleigh […]