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Another Rink

Yesterday’s post reminded me that I took some pictures of the skating rink at the Christmas Market in front of the Rathaus in Vienna. That rink impressed me with a far more creative approach than most of the other outdoor rinks I have seen in Europe. Instead of a rectangular slab of ice which could […]

Visions of Advent

There is a Christmas Market in in front of the Rathaus (city hall) in Vienna. It is big and colourful with lots for sale. But there is more to it than just commercialism. Part of the market is the Nativity Trail, a series of 12 nativity scenes, different interpretations of the birth of Jesus Christ. Back […]

Sulzburg Christmas Market 2018

  In the big cities in Germany the Christmas markets run for a month or longer. The goods on display are slickly made. In sleepy Sulzburg it is a one-day thing, and there is a lot of home-made baking and clothing for sale. And gluhwein of course. The market is open until 8 p.m. local […]

Terror Too Close To Home

When they are far away, they are just news items we may or may not pay attention to. It is different when they happen in your neighbourhood. Throughout the day Wednesday, people in Canada were forwarding me news stories about the terror attack at the Christmas market in Strasbourg, France. It is only an hour’s […]

Vienna Christmas Markets – III

A last look at the colours of this year’s Christmas Markets in the Austrian capital.  But not the last of the photos from the markets. I’ve got another couple planned, with different themes, which will come up sometime in the next week.  

Vienna Christmas Markets – II

More colourful images from the 2018 editions of the Christmas markets taking place in Austria’s capital this month. If you are planning on dropping by, most of these were taken in the market set up in front of the Rathaus. That one seemed to me to be the biggest, at least of the ones we […]

Vienna Christmas Markets – I

It seems everywhere you go in Vienna at this time of year there is a Christmas Market selling seasonal and gift products. It is indeed a wonderful time of year. I love the colours of a Christmas market, especially at night when the lights add to the brilliance of the displays. I must admit though […]