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A Christmas Tradition

There are some Canadian Christmas traditions I don’t miss. Living in Germany means I don’t have to deal with my daughter’s cat and the Christmas tree. With her busy schedule and mum and dad not home, I thought she might not bother putting the tree up this year. I guess she decided she couldn’t disappoint […]

All Hallow’s Eve

It is August. I am sure of that because I read it on the calendar. Though my first visit of the year to a Canadian grocery store had me wondering.   It had been ten months since my last visit, and there had been a few changes at my local store, more that is than just […]

Merry Christmas

I don’t need to say anything more today – the picture says it all. May you have a blessed Christmas.

Christmas Penguins?

It’s Christmas Eve, also the fourth Sunday of the 2017 Advent season. As I have done the past couple of Sundays, I am featuring a nativity set today. Two of them.  I thought about saving one of these for Advent 2018, but I suspect I’ll find other ones to share with you next year. They […]

Christmas Is Coming!

Hard to believe it is a week from today. With no snow on the ground here it doesn’t feel like December yet. Certainly though, there are enough decorations and holiday festivities to get me in the mood. The main square in Sulzburg was decorated with a tree a couple of weeks ago, plus a sleigh […]

The Nativity Set

Today is the second Sunday of the Advent season, the day we light the second candle on the Advent wreath. I should be able to tell you what that candle signifies, but I can’t off the top of my head. When I was growing up my family didn’t do anything special for Advent. Probably had […]

Advent 2017

It is that time of year again. Time to put op the tree and decorations in anticipation of Christmas. We won’t have a Christmas tree this year, I don’t think. I am sure i could go into the Black Forest and cut one down (though that is probably illegal), but then I would have to […]