More Signs of the Times

Took the train the other day. Not an uncommon experience in a country with commuter rail, but I work from home so I don’t do it that often. I noticed once more how much times have changed.

The use of masks is still mandatory on the trains themselves. But I hadn’t realized you are now expected to wear them on the platform, and everywhere else in the station. That hasn’t been all that well publicized, I don’t think.

I don’t normally don’t pay much attention to the platform vending machines. The usual array of snacks is overpriced, as are the drinks. (Though I must admit on a hot day I will sometimes succumb to the temptation of a cold drink, no matter how outrageous the price.)

Which means it was my wife who noticed the new items on display in the vending machines: face masks, hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes.

A year ago the though of selling these items instead of chocolate bars would have been a non-starter. Now I wouldn’t be surprised to learn they were the top sellers.

Except maybe on a hot day when everyone is thirsty.



  1. Why get on mass transit? Masks protect others from whatever is on your breath. You are not protected.

    1. If you need to go someplace, you take mass transit.

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