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Is The Soup Ready?

Pretty much everyone¬† has a mobile phone these days, which means pretty much everyone is carrying a camera, often with video capabilities. That means you can record what you see for posterity if you are so inclined. YouTube is filled with millions of videos taken on cell phones by people who wanted to preserve the […]

If The Train’s On Time…

According to government propaganda in fascist Italy of the 1920s and 1930s, the unstated message was that, while you might not care for the man, at least under Mussolini the trains ran on time. They didn’t of course, and still don’t. Given the propensity for dictators to kill their critics, it probably wasn’t healthy to […]

London Sunset

I had a piece of biting social commentary all set to go for today. Then I remembered that I had a social commentary post yesterday. I don’t want to be serious two days in a row, or not this week anyway. So instead three photos I snapped with my phone back in February on the […]

Images from the Railway Museum

I have never been to the Canadian Railway Museum. Visiting York last summer and seeing what Britain’s national railway museum has to offer has caused me to think that maybe I should see what its Canadian counterpart is like. After all, the railway played an important role in building the Canadian nation and remains an […]