Do Ethics Matter?

Canada’s Prime Minister is once again being investigated for alleged ethical violations. Does anyone care?

I won’t go into the details. It is too depressing that someone who has twice been censured by the Ethics Commissioner would once again break the rules so flagrantly.

What is worse, to me, is that Justin Trudeau doesn’t seem to understand the problem. Cabinet approved a $19 million service contract (without seeking bids) to a charity that has paid more than $300,000 to the PMs mother and brother in the past five years for speeches.

On the face of it, that is a clear rule violation. Apparently though it is okay, because as the Prime Minister reminds us, the charity is “support students.” As I have noted in the past, it appears that he thinks rules are for others.

Which puts him in the same space as US President Donald Trump, who will probably have a few uncomfortable moments when his niece, Mary, does the round of television talk shows to talk about her new book about her family and specifically her Uncle Donald.

Mary Trump is a psychologist, which may make for some interesting insights. She has already gone on record saying  “lying, playing to the lowest common denominator, cheating, and sowing division are all he knows.”

The ethical lapses of the Trump presidency are well known – after all, the man was impeached. That process was so flawed though that many Americans wouldn’t even look at the nature of the charges let alone consider the evidence. That response saddens me.

In Canada the Ethics Commissioner will eventually issue a report into the latest Prime Ministerial scandal. A guilty finding seems likely, but will it make any difference?

I think we have reached the point where facts and high ethical standards are no longer considerations when people go to cast their ballots on election day. The propagandists have convinced us to check our brains at the door, to buy the sizzle when we really need steak. Voters are sheep to be herded and sheared – treated as dumb animals. Maybe deservedly so.

We buy a flawed product because politicians know we don’t demand better. We accept lies as truth because we are lazy; it is easier that way.

It has been said that the people get the government they deserve. I think we deserve better. Maybe I’m just delusional.


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  1. In professional circles it is unethical to psychoanalyze someone you haven’t treated.

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