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Time To Party!

  Who knew this day would come? It certainly wasn’t something I planned for. On Sunday July 8, 1979, my only thought for the future was next week. Forty years later I look back and realize that my life and that of many others changed that day. Which is a good reason to celebrate. Feel […]

Tulip Time

My mother reminded me that the national Tulip Festival is on in Ottawa. If the schedule is like past years, it should be ending this weekend. Since I can’t be there, I thought I’d share a few photos from 2017. There was something different about the light the day I took these pictures. To me […]

That Time Again

It is the second Thursday in May, which means the annual March For Life should be taking place on Ottawa’s Parliament Hill this afternoon. Since I now life in Germany, I won’t be there to see it. It is usually the biggest protest of the year in Ottawa. And it is usually almost entirely ignored […]

Forty Degrees of Separation

I turned on Ottawa radio yesterday (online of course), looking for Canadian news. What struck me most though was the weather. In Ottawa it is still winter. Morning temperature was minus 21 Celsius –  and that isn’t taking the wind chill into account. It felt a lot colder than that to those leaving for their […]

The Aftermath

A few more pictures today, borrowed from a friend’s Facebook page, of my neighbourhood after Friday’s tornadoes touched down in Ottawa. Schools are all closed today, though power has been restored most places.

I Missed It

Friday night a tornado ripped through Ottawa, a very rare occurrence. I’m in Germany. The first I heard of it was when I woke up Saturday morning to read that 150,000 people were without power. Homes were destroyed, people injured and it was being described as the worst natural disaster since the 1998 ice storm […]

Back to Mer Bleue

Spent some time yesterday on a family outing in Ottawa’s urban forest, walking the trails in the Mer Bleue area. I had my phone with me, but didn’t take any pictures, figuring I have been here so many times before there was no reason to add to the photo collection. Instead I am re-posting something […]