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I was walking along Bank Street, the main north-south arterial in Ottawa when I noticed the storefront sign. For all I know it has been there for years, but usually I drive this stretch of road so I’m watching traffic not store signs. The spelling error, which I presume has been there for years, just […]

Not Just Nostalgia

Led Zeppelin is dead. Robert Plant rocks on. Sunday night at Cityfolk the former Zepp vocalist performed a delicate balancing act, giving the fans the old songs from the seventies that they craved while showcasing his newer material. Songs like “The May Queen” and the title track to his latest work, “Carry Fire,” were blended […]

Friday Night Rocked

I missed most of the music on the nineties. When you lived in Pembroke, Ontario, there wasn’t much choice. The local radio played (as I remember it) country music. Which means, in those pre-internet days, all I knew about the band Live was what I read. I could perhaps have named you a tune or […]

A Whole Lotta Love

Cityfolk starts today, Ottawa’s annual folk music extravaganza. For me it’s a trip down memory lane, as Robert Plant will close the festival Sunday night. You may not think of the former Led Zeppelin frontman as a folk artist, but the “folk” in Cityfolk has some elasticity. After all, the last time I saw Plant […]

Bus Woes

It’s amazing how much you can forget in a year. But it is coming back to me now: Ottawa’s transit system is designed to give riders ulcers. That many route numbers and routes have been changed is no surprise. Those in charge of OC Transpo don’t want people getting comfortable. They’ve added a new layer […]

Time To Party!

  Who knew this day would come? It certainly wasn’t something I planned for. On Sunday July 8, 1979, my only thought for the future was next week. Forty years later I look back and realize that my life and that of many others changed that day. Which is a good reason to celebrate. Feel […]

Tulip Time

My mother reminded me that the national Tulip Festival is on in Ottawa. If the schedule is like past years, it should be ending this weekend. Since I can’t be there, I thought I’d share a few photos from 2017. There was something different about the light the day I took these pictures. To me […]