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A Matter of Perspective

I remember it as if it were yesterday, even though it was more than a decade ago. February 19, 2009. For some people it was a really big deal. Barack Obama was coming to Ottawa. Traditionally an American President’s first foreign visit has been to Canada. Donald Trump didn’t follow that, and who knows if […]

Winter Wonderland

Went for a walk just before the New Year to see the lights of the city. The Pathway of Lights was advertised as a safe activity that could be done while observing social distancing. It did require crossing a provincial border, something that was (it was suggested) against pandemic regulations. I don’t know if that […]

Saturday Morning Rant

I feel somehow I should rant about something this morning, express some anger. Problem is, I’m not angry at anyone or anything today. Or at least not enough to write about it. So I thought instead to share this post from five years ago. Hopefully it will allow me (and you) to get those inner […]

Price Gouging?

About a year ago I re-posted this piece from 2015, mostly so that my mother could read it – she didn’t get online until she turned 88 in 2017. I’m repeating it today because my sister sent me a late-night text. It was a real estate picture of the house and the question, “isn’t this […]

Virtually Marching For Life

Canada’s federal politicians are ecstatic Parliament is not meeting in Ottawa today. The second Thursday of May is the day they most dread. In ordinary times the annual March For Life would wind through Ottawa’s streets to Parliament Hill this afternoon. There would be at least 20,000 people calling politicians to account on Canada’s lack […]

Silly Season

The tulips are in bloom in Ottawa – and the government wants people to view them online, not in person. Understandable I guess. Everyone knows you can catch COVID-19 from flowers. You can’t of course, at least as far as anyone knows. Officials with the National Capital Commission (NCC) are more concerned with large crowds […]

COVID Silver Linings

City officials in Ottawa, Canada, probably won’t admit it, but the timing of the COVID-19 pandemic has been a blessing for them. People are focusing on health and not the city’s under-performing light rail system. The multi-billion dollar project was opened to the public with great fanfare in September, and the breakdowns started almost immediately. […]


I was chatting with my cousin last night, which naturally had me thinking about my mother and hers, sisters who died weeks apart in 2019. So it seems appropriate to share this post again, reflections on an outing my mum and I took in 2015. We pulled over to the side of the road so […]

Unnecessary Problems

Do the actions of politicians sometimes have you scratching your head in bewilderment? Do you frequently think you could do a better job? You are not alone. Especially if you are one of those people with common sense. Living in Germany doesn’t mean I am oblivious to what is happening back in Ottawa. I keep […]

Still A Hole

It is still there. I had wondered about that. We were gone for five months after all, I thought maybe there had been some movement. The hole at the edge of Sulzburg was supposed to be the basement of a new apartment building that would provide housing for 20 Syrian refugees who have been living […]