Mixed Message

Walking down the street Thursday, I came across this banner on a house around the corner.

I was drawn to it because it is in English – and no-one in Sulzburg really speaks English. But I can’t figure out what the message is supposed to be. Are we being urged to leave no-one behind? Or leave all behind? For that matter, where are we going?

The smaller print reads “See,” “Humans of us” and “We are one.” Which really doesn’t make sense to me.

My guess would be it is supposed to have something to do with COVID-19, but that could be an error on my part.  I’d ask, but knocking on the door would probably violate some social distancing rule. Germany’s strict enforcement (no groups larger than two people) of measures to slow the pandemic has me thinking twice before doing anything. Given my limited language skills, I don’t want to have to try and explain myself to a bylaw enforcement officer, not when the fines for violation can be a thousand Euros or more.

I think the message is supposed to be one of community, of making sure we look our for each other, especially the vulnerable in our community. That is something to promote at any time, not only when there is a crisis.



  1. How strange? I think you’re right about it being meant as a positive message but they may have tried to be a bit clever and got it slightly wrong.

    1. I think you are right. English may be the universal language, but not in this village.

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