Weinberg in Flammen – II

Just  a picture post today – the hills above Britzingen and the Weinberg in Flammen festival from Saturday night.


You could see the sign on the hills from miles away.


Burning logs lit the trail to the top of the hill.


Many people carried torches to light their way.


At first I wondered what these still- like containers were for. Later I realized they were full of gluhwein.


Some people saved their torches for the trip back down the hill. 


There was a beautiful view of Britzingen and the valley, stretching over the Rhine and into France.


What would a German festival be without someplace to consume alcohol? No beer at this festival though – Britzingen produces some of the best wines in Germany. It got a little muddy underfoot – it had rained earlier.


There was considerable demand for gluhwein. I don’t know what the appeal is. Just the thought of warm wine turns my stomach.


It wouldn’t be Germany without sausages.


The lights on the trail started out as logs, stumps really. They were cut almost into quarters, and something place inside (tar maybe) to help it burn. I think over the course of the evening each burning log had to be replaced twice. 


Lighting the trail down the hill.

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