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Burgruine Neuenfels

After a couple of visits to this abandoned 13th century castle, I am left with a lot of questions. And that is without getting into the unsolved mass murder of the last people to live here in 1540. I wonder why someone decided to build on this hill as opposed to any of the others […]

Top Of The Hill

It is a couple kilometres hike to the top, depending on your starting point. The view from the ruined castle is worth it though. You get a great view of the valley below. From the remaining ramparts of Burgruine Neuenfels you can see the neighboring towns. Badenwieler and Britzingen are closest, but over there is […]

Cold Case

You would think an unsolved multiple homicide would be the subject of considerable police attention, but that’s not the case here. This one is for the historians. Eight people murdered in their home, and never a hint of who did the deed. No wonder no-one has lived here since 1540 – people probably thought it […]

They Are Doing What!?

Somehow I missed this event last year. And when I saw the poster on a light post earlier this week I was flabbergasted. I know this is a big wine producing area. And I know that the specialty wine exclusive to this part of Germany is a white wine called Gutedel. So it makes sense […]

Johanneskirche, Britzingen

I try to keep my promises, even if it takes a while. Last July (I think it was) I promised you that at some point I would get inside the church in Britzingen that I had been told is one of the most beautiful in the region. Every time I was in the town, it […]

Weinberg in Flammen – II

JustĀ  a picture post today – the hills above Britzingen and the Weinberg in Flammen festival from Saturday night.

Weinberg in Flammen – I

Most people have heard about the big festivals of the world, such as New Orleans Mardi Gras and Rio’s Carneval. But you probably haven’t heard of Weinberg in Flammen. Saturday night was the annual “Vineyard in Flames” festival in Britzingen, or maybe I should translate that as Wine Hill in Flames.” Britzingen is about five […]