There is an old tower in Sulzburg that has intrigued me since I first noticed it a year ago. It looks to be about 400 years old, a remnant of the walls that once surrounded the city.

It was behind one of those walls, and I could find no way to get to it. If I climbed on a bench in the adjacent park I could see what appeared to be another park, which included the tower, with no obvious access point. Given that, I concluded that it was private property, belonging to one of the residences on the main street. Still, I wondered if it would be possible to meet whomever owned the land and get permission to climb the tower, if it was safe to do so. I figured that would give a unique view of the community.img_20190123_1544206

This week I figured out a way in that didn’t require going over the walls, something I had briefly considered. Walking along the main street I could see through an open gate another gate leading to the area. It was closed.

I could see though that there was parking for several vehicles behind the building, so thought it wouldn’t hurt to investigate more closely. And there I discovered a second, open, gate leading into the tower garden.

It may still be private property, but I wasn’t going to hurt anything. It isn’t like I was snooping in windows. So I went in and very briefly took a look around.

Climbing the tower doesn’t seem to be an option. It is in an overgrown area of the garden, and I didn’t see a ground-level entrance. I must admit though, I didn’t stick around for a thorough investigation. Not wanting to be accused of trespassing I just snapped some quick pictures and left.

Maybe next time I’ll be a little bolder.

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