Small Things


One of the differences between Canada and Europe is size. Everything seems so small here.

That isn’t my imagination, it is a reflection of everyday life. Refrigerators are smaller, which means food comes in smaller packages. The biggest size of butter I can get is 250 grams, and the largest milk is a litre. For someone used to buying two four-letter milks at once, that is so strange.

Cars are smaller, maybe because the roads are so narrow. My 2002 Opel looks big here, but in Canada it would probably be classified as a sub-compact.

Therefore, when my neighbour asked for help with a washing machine she was being given, I was a little dubious. I don’t have a bad back, but at my age I don’t want to take chances, and carrying something that heavy to the fourth floor didn’t seem wise. She would have to get someone else to do the lifting.

I also wasn’t sure it would fit in the car. Back home it would take at least a minivan to move a washing machine. I figured I might be able to squeeze it in, but only if I put the back seats down. That would mean only one person could ride with me to unload it. The other helpers would have to rely on public transit, always a challenge in this part of Germany.

I had forgotten how small washing machines are here. When we picked up my neighbour and two helpers, one assured me that we would all fit in the car for the drive back to Sulzburg. I was doubtful. I was also wrong.

It fit in the car with no problem, as you can see in the picture. Plenty of room left for five passengers. Even enough room for groceries if we had wanted to stop on the way.

I’ve got to remember, things are smaller here.

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