Walking to Britzingen

It was a beautiful Saturday and my wife suggested we walk to Britzingen, which is about three towns from Sulzburg, depending on how you go through the vineyards. Round trip is about 10 kilometres (that’s six miles for Americans).IMG_20180505_1757565

We have walked to Britzingen before. The first time, back in October, we walked there from Badenweiler, where we were living at the time. That is a forest walk and about 40 minutes, depending on the trail.

There are many places closer where we can walk just for exercise. She was interested though in cake at a cafe we hadn’t tried yet. I don’t generally eat cake, but she had a gift certificate for the cafe. I wanted to see the church in Britzingen, which is supposed to be beautiful, so I agreed to the idea. (The church was locked, despite a sign outside saying it was open, so you’ll have to wait for another time to see if it lives up to its billing.)

It was a beautiful walk though. In a couple of photos you can see that the grapes are just beginning to form on the vines. It may be the beginning of May, but it feels like summer. I’m told the cake was delicious.

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