Lumbering Along

Friday evening we went for a short walk in the Black Forest. It was getting dark, so we chose to turn right at the first trail instead of our usual left. That took us up a path we hadn’t taken in a few months, but it was quickly obvious the road was well used.IMG_20180504_2014053

On our walks we can occasionally hear noise in the distance, the sound of lumbering. I know that the forest is regularly being logged, but I didn’t expect to find the results a couple of hundred metres from my front door.

I wish there had been someone around to provide an explanation of what had been cut and why, and what the next step is. It would seem these trees are destined to be more than firewood – they are all tagged and numbered. I’m not sure why though. Nor do I know why some have had the bark stripped from them before being piled for removal.

The piles themselves were quite impressive. To give you an idea of the height, the person pictured is more than six feet tall – which makes the pile more than 12 feet high. I leave the metric conversion to you.IMG_20180504_2013529

I will admit to a certain amount of curiosity as to how they are going to get the logs to their next destination. The trail is big enough for a truck, and indeed I could see tire tracks. But I wonder if the streets of Sulzburg are wide enough to allow a fully laden lumber load to pass through. My thought is, maybe not.

There must be a back way, a road over the mountain that they use. Or maybe the roads are wider than they look.



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