Spring Weather

IMG_20180417_1254116I’ve been hearing about the weather in Canada; doesn’t sound like Spring is coming anytime soon. Is this when I start to feel guilty about living in Germany?

I’m writing this Tuesday on my bus in to German class. I’m feeling decidedly unmotivated. Nothing wrong with the class, but it is 25 Celsius (that’s 77 Fahrenheit). The sun is shining, and it doesn’t seem fair to be stuck in class on such a gorgeous afternoon.

As the bus weaves it’s way through the fields at the edge of the Black Forest I see dozens of bicyclists and hikers in the vineyards, with the occasional person on horseback. Obviously they don’t need to go to work or school today. Is this where I say: “It isn’t fair!?”


My ice-covered back yard back in Ottawa.

The countryside is already what would be a late June green in Canada. In Ottawa they have had snow and freezing rain the past couple of days. My daughter sent me a picture of our back yard, covered in ice. A considerable number of homes are still without power. I’m looking out at fields of blossoming fruit trees as the bus winds its way from Sulzburg to Mullheim. Not sure what the fruit is going to be, but the trees look pretty. The vineyards are still pretty bare, but I know it won’t be long before the vines break out in a riot of green.

I have also been noticing the flowers by the roadside. Dandelions seem to grow in the same profusion that they do in Canada, but yet they are slightly different. The same with daisies. Something about the shape of the petals I think.

It is going to be difficult to concentrate in class this afternoon. For learning purposes, maybe freezing rain would be better. Though with freezing rain, who would come to class? IMG_1258

It doesn’t get dark here until after 8:30, so perhaps after class I will head out to enjoy some of the sunshine. It is a choice between that and doing homework.

Somehow the choice seems simple.


Some additional thoughts to complete this post. I was apparently not the only one who thought it was too nice a day to be in class. There were at least five students missing, about a third of the class. One of them though I think works on Tuesday afternoon; I don’t know why the others weren’t there. And yes, my wife and I did head out for a walk at about 7 p.m. We did six kilometres all told in a little more than an hour. It was still light when we got back home, but the sun was setting. We’ll probably do the same thing today.



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