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More Than A Pile Of Sticks

I must have walked by this pile of old wood in the vineyard on the edge of Sulzburg a dozen times in the past two weeks, never giving it a second thought. Until the last time. I should have wondered why the pile was there when I first saw it, but my mind tends to […]

A Golden Day

The fall colors in Sulzburg are nothing like the vibrant red, yellows and oranges that I am used to in eastern Canada. Yet they have a beauty of their own. Walking by Castellberg, on the outskirts of Sulzburg this week, I was struck by the beauty of the vineyards in the late afternoon sun. The […]

Autumn in the Vineyards

For some reason, the leaves on the forest trees don’t seem to change colors here. Which explains why so many Germans come to eastern Canada and the US northeast at this time of year. You don’t get to see displays like this in our part of Germany. Friday was a gray day, typical of a […]

Harvest Time

A thousand kilos of grapes picked seems to me like a good morning’s work. Mind you, I didn’t do it alone. When you have friends who own a vineyard you can expect to be pressed into service at certain times. Until this year I had never been in Germany for the harvest. Yesterday’s total was […]

Harvest Is Coming

The grapes are turning purple in the vineyards around Sulzburg. Some of them anyway – many of the local varieties ripen green. An unexpected benefit of┬áCOVID-19 is that we will be in Germany for the harvest, probably early in September. Our usual schedule has us in Canada then, so we’ve always missed it. I do […]

In The Vineyards

The past month has brought an explosion of green, as suddenly the vines have grown at a rapid pace. The grapes appear to be coming along nicely. I wonder though how much will be harvested. News reports I have seen indicate that alcohol consumption is up during the period of COVID-19 self-isolation. You would think […]

From The Tower

There is a water tower sitting on a ridge just outside the village of Heitersheim. From there you get a nice view of the surrounding area, especially the vineyards that we frequently walk through. Every day I am thankful to be living where I do. The social distancing restrictions, the not being able to be […]


It is easy not to notice something that isn’t there. Which is why this scarecrow I saw Monday afternoon took me by surprise. It was in what is essentially someone’s backyard, a children’s play area that backs onto one of the trails I walk on frequently. I’m sure it wasn’t there last week. Scarecrows are […]

A Peaceful Place

  In the vineyards above Laufen there is a small hut, a shack, built I suppose as a place for the workers to eat their lunch without the sun beating down on them. Inside are a couple of tables, with benches all around. Inside are also several hundred books. If you want one, feel free […]

Gutedel Tag – The Event III

I uploaded the pictures from the May 30 “Gutedel Day” right after the event, planning on a post for the next day. I got sidetracked, which is why they are showing up two weeks later. At first I hadn’t realized just how many pictures I had decided to share, too many for just one post. […]