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Sex Education

You thought you knew all about the birds and the bees, but what about the moths? That probably wasn’t even on the curriculum! You never know what you will learn when you are out for a walk. My wife pointed out this red wire to me yesterday as we took an early morning walk through […]

More Signs of Spring

Walking through the vineyards yesterday and came across these trees in bloom. I should know what they are (crab-apple perhaps?) but my brain seems to be turning to mush these days. I hear it is still unseasonably cold in Canada. I’d feel guilty about enjoying the German sunshine if I was the sort of person […]

Visions of Sunset

Another walk through the vineyards at dusk. I may live in the middle of nowhere – but it is beautiful.

No Partridge…

…but I did find a pear tree. Yesterday was a beautiful day, so I took a mid-afternoon break fro a walk through the vineyards at the edge of town, choosing to go west instead of my usual east. (East is closer and less hilly.) I had heard that it was zero Celsius back in Canada, […]

Another Walk In The Vineyards

It was a hazy Sunday afternoon, and the cool weather has finally started. For me that means the leftover grapes in the fields are getting close to my preferred temperature. I like them cool, as if they had been refrigerated. Warm grapes don’t appeal to me. So I was pleased that, for whatever reason, there […]

In The Vineyard

Went for an afternoon walk through one of the vineyards on the edge of town. Most of the grapes in the area have been harvested, but there were still some left on the vines. I don’t know if those left are a later maturing variety of grape, or whether there was simply too much to […]

The Church Crawl – II

Today just a few photos left over from yesterday’s post about Thursday’s event. I think my favorite is the people walking through the vineyard single file. By that point I had separated from the group.