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A Storm By Different Names

I thought naming storms was limited to hurricanes and typhoons. Which means that Sabine has taken me by surprise. Not the storm itself – people in my area of Germany have been talking about it for days. On Saturday events scheduled for this evening were being cancelled. On a bright sunny day that surprised me. […]

Let It Snow?

Finally! Though I’m not sure I like it after all. All this fall I have been telling people how much I was looking forward to a Canadian winter, that the area of Germany we live in lacks winters, and my new boots are still in their box more than two years after I bought them. […]

Forty Degrees of Separation

I turned on Ottawa radio yesterday (online of course), looking for Canadian news. What struck me most though was the weather. In Ottawa it is still winter. Morning temperature was minus 21 Celsius –  and that isn’t taking the wind chill into account. It felt a lot colder than that to those leaving for their […]

Winter Wonderland

I am a Canadian. Talking about the weather is our national pastime. Especially in winter. In my small corner of Germany though there doesn’t seem to be the same incentive. There is no winter here, though I have trouble convincing Germans of that. Like Canadians, they love to talk about winter weather. Last winter I […]

Spring Weather

I’ve been hearing about the weather in Canada; doesn’t sound like Spring is coming anytime soon. Is this when I start to feel guilty about living in Germany? I’m writing this Tuesday on my bus in to German class. I’m feeling decidedly unmotivated. Nothing wrong with the class, but it is 25 Celsius (that’s 77 […]

This Is Spring?

It is May, not March. There is not supposed to be even a hint of snow. Is there someplace I can go to get a refund? –

Climate Change Secret

It’s quite pleasant in Ottawa today, especially if you like snow. Admittedly, if you have to drive in the stuff you might be less than thrilled at the white stuff falling from the sky, causing problems for your morning commute. Overnight low was minus three (all temperatures in this post are Celsius. For Fahrenheit conversion […]

Ice Trees

I had to make an evening run to the library. It had been raining all day, with the temperature hovering around the freezing mark. The trees had a coating of ice, shining in the street lights. I whipped out my phone and snapped a couple of pictures for you.  

Nanny Car for Nanny State

I have lived in a cold climate pretty much all my life. I know what it means to be Canadian. So I was somewhat offended when I turned the ignition on my car on the first cold morning of the Fall. As the system came to life a warning message was displayed on the dashboard: […]

More Than Culture Shock!

Today’s predicted high temperature in Damascus, according to the BBC is 18 degrees Celsius. Today’s predicted high in Ottawa is -22 degrees Celsius. With the wind chill it will feel like -36. We have hundreds of newcomers in Ottawa, refugees escaping the fighting in Syria. Everything here is new to them, the language, the food, […]