Sunday Afternoon in the Black Forest

I looked at the bridge and said to myself, “I’ve taken a picture of that before.”IMG_20180204_1514375

Back in October we walked from Badenweiler, where we were living temporarily, to Britzingen. It seemed like a lot of uphill, though it is only a three kilometre journey, more or less.

This past Sunday we walked from Sulzburg to Badenweiler, a considerably longer walk, 8.5 kilometres according to my phone. It was a lot more uphill than going in the other direction, but we made it in less than two hours.

On a winter’s day there isn’t the same incentive to take photographs, but when I saw the bridge I knew I should take a couple, if only so you can compare the vegetation with what it was like in October.IMG_20180204_1514265

The fall walk seemed leisurely, a chance to enjoy nature. The February version was a means of getting from one town to another. Still, there is a certain beauty in the forest at this time of year. What there isn’t is any real snow, though there had been a light dusting in the morning. The trail was muddy, chewed up by logging trucks.

I’m not complaining though – if I was in Ottawa I would have had to deal with the burst water main in the next block. This time it was somebody else’s problem.


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