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Speaking of Castles…

Six years ago today I offered you a photo essay of the castle in Badenwiler, pictures I took on my first visit there the previous month. At the time in never occurred to me i would spend four years living just a few kilometres away, and the Badenweiler castle would be one of those go-to […]

Revisiting St. Paul’s

I find myself once again in Badenweiler for a few days before heading home to Canada. I thought it would be appropriate to share again some thoughts from my first visit here in 2015. As you have probably noticed if you have been reading this blog for a while, I am interested in churches. It’s […]

Top Of The Hill

It is a couple kilometres hike to the top, depending on your starting point. The view from the ruined castle is worth it though. You get a great view of the valley below. From the remaining ramparts of Burgruine Neuenfels you can see the neighboring towns. Badenwieler and Britzingen are closest, but over there is […]

Cold Case

You would think an unsolved multiple homicide would be the subject of considerable police attention, but that’s not the case here. This one is for the historians. Eight people murdered in their home, and never a hint of who did the deed. No wonder no-one has lived here since 1540 – people probably thought it […]

Visions of Sunset

Made an unexpected trip last night to the top of the Blauen, which is the second highest mountain in the region. Got there just in time for sunset. I’d been here before, four years ago on a trip to visit friends. It never occurred to me then that we would someday be living in the […]


I was looking for something to use as a photo essay for today and came across these pictures of a mushroom of sorts that I took last October in Badenweiler, Germany. They didn’t look familiar, so I don’t think I have published them before. I don’t eat mushrooms, but there was something aesthetically pleasing about […]

Sunday Afternoon in the Black Forest

I looked at the bridge and said to myself, “I’ve taken a picture of that before.” Back in October we walked from Badenweiler, where we were living temporarily, to Britzingen. It seemed like a lot of uphill, though it is only a three kilometre journey, more or less. This past Sunday we walked from Sulzburg […]

A Night-time Visit

Went for an evening walk and the castle in the centre of Badenweiler was irresistible. I was sure it would be locked, but it wasn’t so in we went. Next time I will remember to bring my camera; this time all I had was a phone, but you get the idea. The view of the […]

The Donkey’s Tale

From the distance I thought it was sculpture. Maybe some tribute to Shakespeare and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Up close that was obviously not the case. There’s a speaker system, but what was it used for. Not speaking German I was a little puzzled at a donkey’s head on top of a column on a […]

The Castle

A photo essay for you today. I went for a night time walk last month in Badenweiler, Germany, and was struck by the beauty of the ruins of the castle in the centre of the the town. I had a camera in my pocket, so I snapped a few pictures as we walked around the […]