Christmas Is Coming!

Hard to believe it is a week from today. With no snow on the ground here it doesn’t feel like December yet. Certainly though, there are enough decorations and holiday festivities to get me in the mood.IMG_20171208_1618371

The main square in Sulzburg was decorated with a tree a couple of weeks ago, plus a sleigh pulled by a reindeer. The sleigh was a nice addition in my mind, because it added a bit of colour. Outdoor Christmas lights here are pretty much always white, while back in Canada there is a rainbow of colours to be found on every street. The uniformity of the white can be very beautiful, but on reflection I think I prefer the multi-coloured approach. That may not be aesthetics as much as as appeal to familiarity.

Sulzburg had its annual Christmas Market this past Saturday, a modest one-day affair. It was raining; I’m told rain for the Christmas Market is a tradition. Events took place in the market square, which is where these photos of the tree and sleigh come from. After traveling to Mullhein, Colmar, Laufen and Lippstadt for various Christmas markets, it felt strange to be able to take one in just a 30 second walk

from my home.


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