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I Told You So – I

I have mentioned Donald Trump (and Hillary Clinton) a few times over the past 16 months of the American Presidential election campaign. I just looked, and discovered he was mentioned in at least 40 posts since the first one. That is a lot of attention, especially given that this is not a blog about politics […]

Zoloft Sales Soaring?

It’s an iconic editorial cartoon, 40 years old next week and so appropriate for today when half of Americans, more or less, are bemoaning the outcome of the presidential election. In November 1976 it felt a little bit like the end of the world too. In the Quebec provincial election the governing Liberals had been […]

Heading For The Border?

It is still Tuesday night as I type this and Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are virtually tied in the US presidential election vote. I don’t know who is gong to win; nobody does at this point. However it appears some Americans are panicking. Immigration Canada’s website has crashed. I don’t know whether it is […]

The Polls Are Open

Voting in the US presidential election continues until the last poll closes in Alaska, which I believe is midnight EST.  Coincidently, that’s when my informal election poll closes. If you haven’t voted yet, there is still time to do so. I’m curious to see if the readers here mirror the American people. Mind you, last […]

Election Day

I’m not sure what to say today. I had thought maybe an open letter to the American people, urging them to choose wisely as they cast their ballot. But the time for wise choice was in the primaries, now the nation is going to be stuck with a substandard president. And I make that statement […]

Welcome to Monday

As the US prepares to elect a president, you could probably use something less stressful to take your mind off of tomorrow’s vote.So my intended post for today will show up later this week and instead I offer you this pictorial comment on 21st century parenting. I thought about running a poll to see which […]

Drone Wars

Just a reminder that you can cast your ballot in my US presidential election poll until the close of voting on Tuesday. It’s at the end of today’s post if you haven’t voted yet. Last time I looked, “None of the above” was leading Donald Trump. If I had had a gun with me I […]

Vote Now!

The American presidential election is Tuesday. Not being a US citizen, I don’t have a vote. I’m not sure how I feel about that. Relieved maybe that I don’t have to accept any of the blame for the outcome. This seems to have been the most polarizing campaign in American history. If I had a […]

A Drinking Problem?

At first glance the news story could be seen as weird example of persecution of Christians in the Middle East. The Iraqi Parliament has prohibited the importation, production and sale of alcohol. The booze sellers are all Christians. And with this move the Iraqi government has attacked the livelihoods of a significant number of people. […]

Fall Colours V

It looked like a perfect picture. I was in a conference room on the fourth floor of Centre Block on Parliament Hill. Through the gothic arched windows I could see the Gatineau Hills alive in a blaze of fall colour. “I must get a picture of this” I said to myself. “As soon as the […]