Fall Colours V

It looked like a perfect picture.img_0383

I was in a conference room on the fourth floor of Centre Block on Parliament Hill. Through the gothic arched windows I could see the Gatineau Hills alive in a blaze of fall colour.

“I must get a picture of this” I said to myself. “As soon as the meeting is over I’ll snap a photo. The arches will add a nice artistic touch.”

Alas, I failed to take into account climatic conditions. It was a cool fall day and there were politicians in the room. Several of them. They were all talking, and you know what that means: hot air.

When the hot air reached the window panes there was a reaction with the cold air on the img_0386other side. The windows fogged up. I watched in dismay as by meeting’s end the view was completely obscured.

I decided that instead I should head to the Peace Tower and take my picture from there. But there wasn’t time, it would have to wait until the next day.img_0385

The next day it was raining, not good for taking pictures. There was cloud cover the day after that, indeed for the following week. Finally sunshine yesterday, but it was too late. The vibrant colours are gone. Dull Winter is on the horizon.

It had been years since I was last up the Peace Tower, and I had forgotten what the view is like. To see the leaves I was actually better off lower down in that fourth floor conference room. The top of the tower is probably 70 feet higher, and gives a much different perspective.img_0387

I snapped just a couple of fast shots, the Tower wasn’t technically open but one of the security personnel was obliging. I told him I would be really quick, and I took three pictures and left. You’ll just have to take my word for it that it would have looked much better two weeks ago

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