I Told You So – I

I have mentioned Donald Trump (and Hillary Clinton) a few times over the past 16 months of the American Presidential election campaign. I just looked, and discovered he was mentioned in at least 40 posts since the first one. That is a lot of attention, especially given that this is not a blog about politics (no matter how much it may seem like it at times).

Watching television on election night I heard journalists, politicos and commentators say that no-one saw Trump’s rise coming, no-one anticipated his victory. I did. Though I will admit to wondering if he was serious about his bid, and towards the end of the campaign thought he might self-destruct.

I warned America, but America wasn’t listening. Today and Saturday (tomorrow I have a Remembrance Day post planned) I’m going to share a few excerpts (with links to he original posts) to show that my Political Science degree and years of working in the field might just have given me some insights. Donald Trump is now president-elect. As recently as Tuesday the “experts” said that wasn’t going to happen. I could see it coming.

Trump after all is not a politician; that is why the media don’t take his candidacy seriously. That may be a mistake. He is a billionaire businessman and television personality with a penchant for publicity and self-promotion. That certainly sounds like a politician to me, even if he has never run for elected office. He may not be the media’s choice, but at this point a lot of the public likes him. – August 10, 2015

The media may portray Donald Trump as a buffoon who has no chance of winning the nomination, one who would be embarrassed by the Democrats if indeed he somehow managed to become the Republican presidential candidate, but I wonder if that is accurate. – August 19, 2015

I will admit to being a bit surprised, not at his popularity but that the party establishment hasn’t managed to reign him in and promote more moderate candidates. That this has yet to happen would seem to indicate that they don’t know how to do it.

Trump is an American creation, born out of a frustration with the political elite. Rightly or wrongly, a large segment of American society feels disenfranchised by the politics of the past 30 years. They are fed up with the political class telling them what to think and believe. They are fed up with two parties that appear to put politics before service to the country. So they turn to an outsider, one who makes outrageous statements but listens to them and provides a voice to their alienation. – December 15, 2015

Trump’s political opponents underestimate him when they write him off as a buffoon. – December 16, 2015

I have been telling friends for months that Donald Trump is running to lose, that I don’t believe he really wants to be president and his campaign is a giant reality show – a comedy no less…. That I realize is going out on a limb and I could fall spectacularly on that prediction.…. However, if my prediction is wrong and Donald Trump is successful, not just tonight but the months to come, my opinion of the collective judgement of the American people will nosedive. I know sheep are collectively pretty stupid, but can they be that stupid? – February 1 2016

If I were a Democrat I would be thinking about that very seriously these days. Conventional wisdom is that Hillary Clinton is the candidate of choice, but is she electable? My suspicion is not, that she has passed her best-before date. I also suspect many Democrats haven’t figured that out. – February 25, 2016

That takes us more or less to the beginning of the primary season. For more of my thoughts as the campaign progressed, and my predictions of his victory, you’ll have to wait until Saturday.

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  1. On CBC, a discussion about how this was missed. A NY Times reporter suggested the Times speaks to inner-city folk, and journalists lean left. Also, the Times don’t get out enough and talk to people that frankly do not read the Times. On top of that, people get tailor-made newsfeeds nowadays. In my opinion, the journalists also had the polls to count on, and what journalist would say the polls are wrong? too risky.

    Would Bernie Sanders have beaten Trump?

    Mitt Romney must be gnashing his teeth…Democrats should have read The Political Brain and skipped an unpopular person who didn’t even win Arkansas, where Bill Clinton was governor.

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