Vote Now!

The American presidential election is Tuesday. Not being a US citizen, I don’t have a vote. I’m not sure how I feel about that. Relieved maybe that I don’t have to accept any of the blame for the outcome.

This seems to have been the most polarizing campaign in American history. If I had a vote I don’t know for sure how I would cast it. I dislike both major party candidates, but is there good reason to vote for someone else?

If there was a “none of the above” option on the ballot, would a majority of voters choose it? I think they might. But such an option can cause more harm than good, even if it does allow voters to express their frustration.

In 2010 Viktor Yanukovych was elected president of Ukraine with less than a majority as five per cent of the voters opted for “Against All,” the Ukrainian version of “none of the above.” I think you can trace thousands of civilian deaths, the Russian invasion of Crimea and an ongoing civil war to that vote. Certainly it wasn’t the whole cause, but the lack of a clear outcome was a contributing factor.

Today (and until they start counting the votes in the US) I’m going to give you a chance to vote for the candidate of your choice. I’m listing them in alphabetical order, because that is how we do it in Canada. And I am including not just Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton but the Libertarian and Green party candidates as well. Plus, because this isn’t a real election, I will give you the “none of the above” option.

So let me know how you would (or will if you are an American) vote on Tuesday. I’m interested in the results (and of course comments are always welcome).



  1. Interesting vote Lorne, shame the people of the US don’t have the same option as I suspect many would take it. On our travels across the States we found so much distrust and even hate for both major candidates. It really seems to be about voting for the ‘least bad’ candidate which can’t be good whoever you support.

  2. There is going to be some violence, unfortunately. Still ‘ most polarizing ‘ ? Haven’t we had enough hyperbole over the last two months?

    1. The 1860 election you cited divided over policy, this one appears to be more about personality.

  3. Let them have their Margaret Thatcher. Other options either can’t or won’t work.

    1. I wouldn’t have voted for Maggie in the 80s, but she’d be preferable to what is on offer today!

  4. Most polarizing election in American History? Wow. Abraham Lincoln won the election in 1860, and before he took office, seven out of thirty-four states seceded, leading to civil war.

    1. Isn’t that what Donald Trump has been promising if he loses?

      1. You assume people listen and follow every word Trump utters. Most of his talking is filler until he finds something good to say.

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