Drone Wars

Just a reminder that you can cast your ballot in my US presidential election poll until the close of voting on Tuesday. It’s at the end of today’s post if you haven’t voted yet. Last time I looked, “None of the above” was leading Donald Trump.

If I had had a gun with me I would have shot the thing, just on general principles.

I don’t think guns are allowed on the beach, but it was Maine and there are Second Amendment rights. They can stop you from drinking alcohol on the beach, but I don’t think they can prohibit firearms in public spaces.

The object of my derision was an unmanned aerial vehicle, a drone, which was hovering near where I was sitting. It was probably harmless, just a kid playing with a new toy, but it was definitely annoying.

I have seen drones in the stores, priced as low as $100 for something that just flies. Ones with built in cameras are more expensive. I haven’t looked at them, so I don’t know if those cameras record or transmit, but whichever it is, I don’t like it.

I didn’t get a picture of the drone that was buzzing me because I don’t usually take a camera down to the beach with me. After two days, I did bring one, but of course the drone didn’t put in an appearance. Maybe the person went home, or maybe someone said or did something to discourage them.

Privacy is a huge issue in our society, though maybe more for older people than younger ones who have come of age on social media. I’m not thrilled about people watching me. I know it is difficult to stop government and quasi-official organizations from watching the people, but I am not thrilled about being spied on by anyone who can afford the price of a small drone. (I’m not thrilled about government spying either, but there is not much I can do about that.)

So I was pleased to return from vacation and discover someone who had dealt with an annoying drone using extreme force. Here in Canada she would probably have been jailed for improper use of a firearm, but in the US she was able to get way with blasting an annoying drone from the sky.

Can’t do that here, but I wonder if you could shoot down a drone with a slingshot. I think we are allowed to use those without a licence.



  1. David vs. Golia-drone! In the stores you can buy ‘Death Star’ drone and ‘X-wing’ drone and recreate your favourite movie, inside earth’s atmosphere, I must add.

    Hey! it seems loyal followers of your blog can vote every day! Trump was right…the election is rigged!!!

    1. Each person gets only one vote. But Election Day isn’t always the most convenient time for people. That is why I allow voting over several days.leading up to Tuesday.

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