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I will admit that from time to time I have been sucked in by those posts on Facebook or similar social media sites that promise something special if only you will click on the link. “You will never guess what this 80’s star looks like today;” “50 Things you didn’t know about sitcom X;” “This […]

Police Logic

Read in the newspaper yesterday that Ottawa Police have issued 29 per cent fewer tickets this year than in 2015. It’s not that residents are breaking fewer laws and bylaws, but the police are upset. The police union says fewer tickets are being issued because the officers’ feelings were hurt by something the mayor said. […]

Psychological Test

Once upon a time there was a girl. At her mother’s funeral she met a man whom she did not know. She thought he was amazing, her dream guy, and she fell in love with him but never asked for his number and could not find him after the funeral. A few days later the […]

JJ’s Christmas

In the stores this week I noticed the Christmas music playing for the first time this year. It might have been playing for weeks already, but I may have tuned it out. I’m almost done with Christmas music for the year. I’m a programmer for a satellite music channel (heard throughout North America and I […]

The Harvest

Snow in the forecast, but it was a sunny Friday afternoon and unseasonably warm. I had a long list of things I wanted to accomplish. They didn’t get done. My wife sent a text: “Are you done work? Want to enjoy the weather and go for a walk?” So it was out into Ottawa’s urban […]

The Selfie

I suppose they could put warnings on cell phones, but I doubt it would do any good. If warnings were effective no-one would smoke. A few years back there were grave concerns about the health risks involved with cell phone usage. Holding a device to the side of your head that emits various forms of […]

Sharing Tea

This time last year I was in Iraq. I had plans to return this month, but the fighting in the Mosul area made the trip unwise. I wrote the words below last November, and for some reason I don’t seem to have posted them before. With the current fighting expected to produce another half million […]