Blowing Their Own Horns


If I correctly understood the notice in the municipal newsletter, these alpenhorn players were attending a training course in nearby Staufen, and were prevailed upon to  give a concert in the Sulzburg market square on Thursday morning. You could hear them from our apartment.

The alpenhorn is not an instrument that I am that familiar with. Around here, only a few miles from Switzerland and the alps, I guess it is not that uncommon.IMG_0889 shrunk

I had never been to an alpenhorn show before – but it was pretty much what I thought it would be like. As someone craving rock and roll in these pandemic times, I must admit the music didn’t touch my soul, though I thought it was an interesting cultural experience.

It was only today that I realized that these were students. I had wondered why they weren’t in matching costumes as I had expected.

One thing I did note was the age of the players. As with the accordion concert I attended this week, the musicians all seemed to be middle-aged or older.

I wonder what that means for the future of the instrument?


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