Attitude Adjustment


You make great plans and life intervenes, meaning that nothing on your “to-do” list actually gets done.

Sometimes I don’t know where the time goes. Do you ever have a day like that?

Tuesday started (after a quick email check) with a couple of hours work in a nearby vineyard. Grapes don’t just grown on their own you know. 

Well, actually they do, but they don’t do it well. I was asked to help a friend train the vines. Seemed like the neighborly thing to do, and I may even write about the experience at some point. Or maybe I did last year, I don’t remember now.

Then it was drive a colleague to the train station, show a guest where the grapes we were working on would be turned into wine, drop some parcels at the post office, cook a few meals, and, finally, head to Staufen to show our guests the castle before it got dark.

Did I mention other work in there? Updating a database, posting to the corporate Twitter account, answering correspondence – I got about half done of what I had hoped, maybe less. Turns out I don’t work as quickly when it is 36 degrees Celsius.

All of which is to explain why the post I had planned for today hasn’t put in an appearance. There are pictures that go with it, but I haven’t looked at them yet. Since it is mostly pictures, I figured I should wait.

Do you ever have that problem? 

How does that make you feel? Frustrated? Or do you just shrug it off, figuring that tomorrow is a chance for a fresh start? Is there a third option?

Tuesday was packed. Wednesday is shaping up the same way. As this new day begins, I once again have plans. In another 16 hours or so I’ll know how,realistic those plans were.

I don’t know what is going to happen before then, but I do know this: the plans really don’t matter. What gets done or not is not really relevant when it comes to enjoying life. 

It boils down to a matter of attitude and we all get to choose our attitude. Today I choose to not let the little things get to me.

What choice will you make?

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