Smile, It Is Monday!

Sitting at home in quarantine, all days seem pretty much the same to me, though I know for many people today is the start of a work week. So I thought I’d offer a few reasons to smile.

The biggest joke of course is Canada’s government, which the Prime Minister insists believes in science in fighting the pandemic. Which explains why I am in manadatory quarantine despite two PCR tests last week, both of which were negative. They don’t believe the tests; they don’t trust theuir own science.

I still have to take another test (on day eight of the quarantine). If they lose or forget to pick up the test kit (which seems to happen with some regularity), I am expected to extend the quarantine beyond 14 days – despite being symptom free.

As I have said before, this Prime Minister and his government appear to be big fans of seeing how many creative ways they can violate Canadians constitutional rights, all in the name of voodoo, or as they call it “science.” I’d say I hope he does indeed call an election this year, but he has managed to create a climate of fear big enough that he will probably be re-elected.

Anyway, I hope at least one of these images causes you to smile. You probably need it for this Monday.


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