Decision Day


Canadians will hold their collective nose today and vote in the federal election for the candidate of their choice. Or maybe they will vote against a candidate not of their choice.

The 2019 election has failed to inspire. The leaders have not looked impressive. The party platforms have not seemed realistic.

Yet there are clear choices and competing visions. Whether the victors will be able to deliver is at this point a matter for conjecture.

As disappointing as this campaign has been though, Canadians should be thankful that they live in a democracy and have a choice. In much of the  world there isn’t the freedom to choose who will govern the country. There are many lands where the result of the “election” is pre-determined long before the ballots are cast.

As with all elections, there is a considerable amount at stake. It is a huge responsibility to be entrusted with setting the direction of our nation, and tonight we will hand it to the 338 men and women who will be our Members of Parliament.

I hope Canadians choose wisely.

If you are Canadian, don’t forget to vote today. And of you aren’t, make sure you vote in your country when you have the chance.

Even more, why not get involved in the political process? If you think things could be better, and you have some ideas how that could be accomplished, find yourself some like-minded people. It could be inside an established political party – or maybe you need to start your own.

Active citizens preserve democracy and make for better government. You owe it to yourself to be involved. And it will be good for your country too.

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