A Home For Rodents

I have, as I think I have mentioned, spent a lot of time working and volunteering in the political realm. That means I have met a lot of politicians.IMG_1353

Most of those I have liked as people, even if I disagreed with their policies. If they weren’t likeable, at least in small doses, they wouldn’t get elected. I do understand though why politicians are held in such low esteem by the general populace. It seems one of the kindest descriptions you can apply is to refer to the politician as a rat. Some of them deserve the epithet.

Which is why I was so amused at the German word for a city or town hall. I know it doesn’t mean what my English-trained ears are telling me, but somehow it seems so appropriate. The German word for “city hall” is rathaus. That’s house of rats, isn’t it? A home for rodents. Sounds so much more appropriate than “Parliament Hill.” Nice to see that the disdain is so public.IMG_1352

It isn’t really that of course. Sounds mean different things in different languages. “Rat,” according to my online translator, means advice, or council – or both. “Haus” is indeed the same as the English word “house.” So the rathaus is not a place where rodents dwell – unless you have a low view of politicians.

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