Is This The Beginning?

Heading off on vacation, and I’ve been waffling about what to do here. Normally when I travel I repost some of my favorites, but I’ve been feeling to lazy to do even that.

So today some humor-related cartoons. If you aren’t traveling today they are probvably pretty funny. If you arfe, especially if you are flying, you may not see the humor in the situation.

For the next couple of weeks my presence here is going to be hit and miss. If they had internet at the beach I would post every day. But they don’t, so it may be the middle of the month before you see me again. Though I will try (perhaps) to post a couple of times a week.

I wonder if you get a price reduction if you fly in the luggage compartment?\
Every child’s dream.
I don’t shop at the duty free store. Never anything I want at a reasonable price.
This must be Pearson Airport in Toronto – consdiered to be the worst airport in the world these days.
He’; flown through Pearson
I’ve felt like trying that – but it would be too warm
Lost luggage used to be a rare thing. Now it seems more often than not. Not surprising they want extra fees.
Why do I think this one is prophetic?


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